4K Ultra HD Videos - Relaxing Scenery & Nature Sounds

Beautiful 4K ultra HD videos of relaxing scenes and wonderful views with all the natural ambient sounds captured in detail. These videos are great for relaxation, meditation, baby, calming, soothing, anxiety, background scenery and unwinding from a stressful day. Theme Settings.

Videos Over 8 Hours Long For Sleep, Relaxation & Meditation

Wide range of videos over 8 hours long including sounds of the sea, gentle water streams, rivers, and more. These videos are great for a good nights sleep, relaxation, meditation, help babies sleep, and many other uses.

Relaxing Scenery Videos with Music

We have alternative versions of scenic videos with relaxing or calming music.

Relaxation Videos with Natural Ambient Sounds

Scenic Relaxation videos have naturally recorded ambient sounds of scenic locations. Sounds is recorded at minimum bit depth of 24bits & 48KHz sampling frequency and we use various microphones to capture sound as realistically possible.

Wide Range Of Hi-Resolution Photographs

Wide range of high resolution photographs, most of which taken at the locations of our scenic videos.

Welcome to Harmony Of The Mind

Welcome to Harmony Of The Mind

Creating harmony between your mind & body with nature sounds & scenery, brainwaves therapy, music, and ASMR. We have 4K UHD videos with high quality natural sound recordings featuring scenery from beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, streams, coastal (ocean & sea), flowers, forests (wind blowing trees) and much more. We also have videos which feature relaxing music (ambient, classical, instrumental and brainwave therapy).These videos/sounds can be used in many ways including help with sleep, relaxation, meditation, study (white noise sounds block out unwanted sounds), help baby sleep, healing, enhance abilities, anxiety waiting areas or rooms, hypnosis, aiding treatment of other health conditions and more.

We also have a range of relaxing sounds and white noise videos all over 10 hours long. These extra long videos are ideal for sleeping, meditation, study, baby, relaxing and background ambient sounds.

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