Brain Waves Entrainment – Sound Therapy

Brain wave sound therapy using isochronic tones, binaural beats and monaural beats. Also healing tones which make use of the ancient Solfeggio scale. Brainwaves fall into the following frequency bands:-

0.1Hz to 0.4Hz
Epsilon waves
0.5Hz to 4.0Hz
Theta waves
3.5Hz to 4.0Hz
Theta/Delta waves
4.0Hz to 8.0Hz
Delta waves
8.0Hz to 13.0Hz
Alpha waves
13.0Hz to 30.0Hz
Beta waves
30.0Hz to 60.0Hz
Gamma waves

Brain waves have many possible uses, some of them as follows:-

  • Insomnia: Brainwave stimulation can be used to help the brain transition into sleep.
  • Sleep improvement: Brainwaves (alpha, theta, or delta waves most beneficial) can provide improvement to help fall asleep and wake up refreshed
  • Lucid dreaming: This is a dream that you are aware of and can often manipulate consciously.
  • Relaxation: Improvements in relaxation, reduced stress, and anxiety reduction. Can also help with muscle relaxation, pain reduction and alleviate headaches.
  • Chronic fatigue: Brainwaves beta or gamma can help improve energy levels and increase levels of arousal. Higher levels of arousal can help reduce chronic fatigue (exacerbated from slow brain waves in the theta and delta range).
  • Meditation: Brainwaves can be used to help enhance meditation, they can help relax and focus.
  • Creativity: Alpha waves may help improve creative potential of someone who has excess beta waves. Beta waves may help someone creatively who has brainwaves in the slow wave state.
  • Learning: Those that struggle with learning may have excess slow wave frequencies, so they could benefit from stimulation using beta waves.
  • Memory: It can be possible to improve both short or long term memory using brainwave stimulation. Lower brainwave frequencies may help with memory recall while beta wave frequencies may be required for conscious processing.

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