Relaxing River Water & Wind Sounds – #004

Relaxing gentle river water and sound of the wind blowing trees. A natural source of white noise sounds from nature, this 4K video can be used for relaxation, meditation, study, baby, help you fall asleep, anxiety, stress relief, waiting rooms and ambient backgrounds.
This video is 21 minutes long, if you want this sound for night long sleeping we also have a 10 hour version (HD 1080p) video or 10 hour mp3 download.

Relaxing Gentle River Water & Wind Blowing Trees Sounds

Tags: River, Flowing Water, Water Sounds, Gentle Water, Wind, Trees, Nature Sounds, Scenery, Relax, Relaxation, Relaxing, Meditation, Sleep, Baby, Study, ASMR, Anxiety, Sounds, 4K UHD

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