Relaxing Water Sounds – River & Tiny Waterfall – #003

Relaxing water sounds from river with tiny waterfall giving a similar sound to rain splashing down on the river water. This 4K video features varied scenery and is ideal for relaxation, meditation, study, baby, help you fall asleep, anxiety, stress relief, waiting rooms and ambient backgrounds.

This 4K video is 30 minutes long, if you want this sound for night long sleeping we also have a 10 hour version (HD 1080p) video or 10 hour mp3 download.

Relaxing River Water Sounds With Tiny Waterfall Creating Rain Sound Effect

Tags: River, Flowing Water, Water Sounds, Waterfall, Rain, Rain Sounds, Rain Effect, Sound Effects, Nature Sounds, Scenery, Relaxation, Relaxing, Meditation, Sleep, Baby, Study, ASMR, Anxiety, Sounds, 4K UHD

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